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Joy Nandy

Founder & CEO

Joy Nandy is the Master Trainer of several writing and advertising courses at The School Of Digital Advertising. He is also its founder and course developer. With over 25 years of experience in Traditional and Digital Advertising & Marketing, it is the founder’s belief that every effort to market or advertise online shall end with the ability to “write”. It is with this belief that the school and its courses were created, because “Words Sell” and the internet survives on Words.



Joy Nandy started his career in advertising as a young copywriter with several local and international advertising agencies in Malaysia, including, CD Advertising, Naga DDB, KHK DMB&B, and Bates Advertising. At the age of 27, he started his own advertising agency and grew it to a successful agency within a short time, having a string of international and prominent clients under its belt.



Joy was approached by the Publisher of FHM Magazine Malaysia to help launch the magazine in Malaysia for the first time as its Brand Manager. Nandy managed to get publicity for the magazine on national TV, and also launched the magazine in a massive way which included ferrying several hundred people in eight chartered buses. The brand is now a successful product in the market.



Joy was later offered a job to teach advertising at a college in London, which he accepted. He taught Advertising at this college, and also helped open new markets for it, which resulted in the college purchasing another college only to accommodate the influx of new students, which he did through email marketing and agent activity. While at the college, he was also involved in the creation of the college’s own online course delivery portal and marketing activities. This was in 1999.



Combining these three work experiences, Joy Nandy is well-qualified to understand what students need to learn in Marketing and Advertising. As such, he develops and teaches courses based on what is useful and relevant with the important skills of writing and effective communication in focus. Technology changes, but the skills to write and communicate, along with the foundation knowledge of Marketing and Advertising, shall always remain with a learner. This makes the courses developed and taught by Joy, unique, relevant, and will never be dated. He has been using and keeping himself updated with digital marketing technology and its evolution since its infancy, and is able to impart A Wealth of Knowledge to learners today.



Joy Nandy is also a Certified Mentor by the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs (IOEE), United Kingdom.



The combination of skills Joy has makes his courses unique and beneficial to any learner which he incorporates into his training sessions:


•   Copywriting (Traditional & Digital)

•   Book Writing

•   Publishing (Traditional & Digital)

•   Content Writing

•   Content Marketing

•   Blogging

•   Advertising (Traditional & Digital)

•   Marketing (Traditional & Digital)

•   Branding

•   Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

•   Wordpress Website Design

•   Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

•   Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

•   Creative Directing (Creative Director)

•   Advertising Campaign Development (Above & Below the Line)

•   TV & Video Ad Script Writing & Production

•   Radio Advertisement Script Writing & Production

•   Podcast

•   Public Relations: Press Release Writing & Interviews

•   Presentation Skills & Public Speaking

•   Lecturing & Teaching

•   Selling & Sales Management

•   Entrepreneurship

•   Mentoring & Coaching

•   Thought Leader

•   Ideas Generator

•   Product Development

•   Business Development

•   Lead Generation & Closing

•   Business Management

•   Social Skills



Joy Nandy has experience in the following industries:


•   Publishing

•   Advertising

•   Media

•   Education & Education Management

•   Digital Education Platform Development

•   Property Development

•   Property Sales & Marketing

•   Investments

•   Technopreneurship (Inventor of Malaysia’s First T-Shirt Vending Machine)

•   Wills & Trust Investment


I enjoyed the up-close-and-personal engagement with the trainer

What I liked most about the training is the trainer's knowledge on the topics (Copywriting & Content Writing) and the small group as I enjoyed the up-close-and-personal engagement with the trainer. – Syahnaz

The feedback was specifically for me

I have attended many courses and seminars, this is the first time that I have received feedback from a trainer which was specifically for me and not the whole group because of the one-to-one attention by the trainer. – Faizah (Leap Ed - a Kanaga International Company)

It was a great course…

It was a great course and I wish the length of the course can be lengthened a bit. A lot of the concepts and points just need more time to digest. [The trainer] "unpacked" every concept and explained well about Copywriting & Content Writing. – Faizah (Leap Ed - a Kanaga International Company)

The trainer was friendly and humble in teaching

The trainer did specifically well in the explanation of the subjects. He was also friendly and humble in teaching. – Muhammad

Dr John Sanders

Principal of David Game Higher Education UK

“Joy is a highly professional and knowledgeable business consultant with great expertise in international marketing and sales. His commitment to delivering excellence in all that is presented to him is commendable. Joy has a true passion for his work and consistently displays a focused dedication and great enthusiasm in all that he does.”


Lil Bremmerman-Richard

Group Chief Executive, Oxford International Education UK

“Joy is a highly talented marketer with a wealth of knowledge and experience in international marketing, advertising and sales. He understands his customers and his target audience to the extent that whatever he does or produces is never less than outstanding and is guaranteed to work. Another key characteristic of Joy is that he is great fun to work with, he is overall a great person!”


Andrew Work

Managing Director, Head of Media Asia & Europe (Hong Kong)

“Joy Nandy was my boss at Client Partnership Advertising during and after my MBA Programme at University of Victoria, Canada. I was a co-op student and returned after I finished my degree to work on client accounts such as Philip Wain and Modesto’s. Joy gave me a heavy dose of how business was really done after my classroom exposure. I still recount his lessons to my employees today (almost 20 years later!) and remember fondly my time working for him. He knew his business inside out and taught me tons. Direct, no BS – a real straight shooter!”


Damien Ong-Yeoh

Senior Copywriter

“When I first started Copywriting, I learned my craft from Joy. He proved to be a very astute marketer, entrepreneur and business person who could identify opportunities, business angles and marketing strategies very promptly. Under his guidance, I also learnt the craft of Copywriting very quickly, as in how to identify the core messages and communicate them on in a rapid manner, thus streamlining the entire business communication process.”