How To Self-Publish & Market Your Book in Malaysia

Self-Publishing & Book Marketing Course

So you have written your book but have no clue how to get it into book-form?


We have developed this special course just for You.


There are many foreigners who run workshops and online companies who charge Malaysians a whole lot of money to do this simple task, and most of them do not teach us how to market our books, which is the most important part of publishing a book.


Many of these companies and individuals are only out to make money out of us and not really care about our sincere wish to create good books for the world to benefit.


Seeing this trend, The School Of Digital Advertising has developed this special course for all authors in Malaysia to publish and market their books by themselves.


The benefit of learning to publish, design, and market your own books allows you to publish as many books as you wish in the future. One of the best marketing strategies to market books for an author is to produce more than one book. With every book you publish and launch produces more sales for the previous books. Hence, it is crucial to learn everything there is to know in publishing your books by yourself – and it is not difficult at all, as they might make it seem.


How To Self-Publish & Market Your Book in Malaysia

How To Self-Publish & Market Your Book in Malaysia


The other thing about getting your book published by someone else is that, you will never learn the process and procedure of publishing a book. This means that every time you wish to launch another book, you will be held ransom by a publisher, and this can be very costly for you. This is why you hardly find many authors who have published more than one book. But that does not need to happen to you when you learn the A to Z of publishing and marketing your books.


This course has been developed by people who have Self-Publishing experience since the 1960’s, and have published hundreds of books. We will show you just how simple it is to get your manuscript into a glossy and beautiful book that you will hold in your hands within a very short time that will cost you a fraction of what anyone else will