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Everything You Need To Know for Great Digital Marketing Content

If you are reading this, it means you have already realised the importance of Copywriting, Advertising, Advertisement Design and Content Marketing & Content Writing to succeed in Digital Marketing today.


The School Of Digital Advertising Proudly Presents to you its very own “COPYWRITING & CONTENT MARKETING MASTERCLASS – The First & Only In Malaysia”We had to use this tagline because our courses have been copied by many corporates and institutions alike, including the foreign institutions on the pretext of enquiry. This clearly illustrates that the kind of courses created by us are so superior that large institutions are unable to develop themselves. This is because SODA was created by experienced Advertising Professionals who truly understand Marketing and Advertising, and not by lecturers who lack the hands-on knowledge and experience in executing Digital Marketing campaigns. This special course is designed to provide learners with everything needed to create good and relevant digital marketing content.


We  have received many comments and complaints from our enquirers stating that they were not satisfied with the many courses they have attended on the various digital marketing courses offered in Malaysia.


Hearing this, The School Of Digital Advertising (SODA) has taken it upon itself to create a unique course that is useful and beneficial to any student who wishes to learn exactly what is required to excel in Digital Marketing.


SODA specialises in the ‘non-moving’ parts in Digital Marketing, that is, it imparts the crucial knowledge in the areas that do not change over time, as do all the digital marketing and digital advertising platforms. Most platforms make updates every day. This makes the knowledge in the courses offered by SODA evergreen. This knowledge shall be useful to the learner for a lifetime, even if the platforms change or seize to exist one day.


The School Of Digital Advertising is now proud to present to you its latest course that has been created by listening to the needs of the market, and have exclusively created this unique course that can benefit anyone who wishes to succeed in Digital Marketing as a whole.

All You Need To Know In This Exclusive Masterclass

In this 2-Day Masterclass, participants will learn:







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What You Will Learn In This Course:

There are five main modules in this course that will give participants a good grasp and understanding of the functions and benefits of Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing For Business as follows:




It is impossible to market or promote anything on any media if we do not have the fundamentals of Advertising. We need to learn Advertising Principles in order to know how advertising works to get the best results from any advertising campaign. Again, this is not common knowledge, even if advertising platforms are now readily available to the masses. “Having a scalpel in one’s hand does not automatically make one a qualified surgeon”. This is the same with Advertising – just because there are advertising platforms available to us, it does not automatically make us advertising experts. Advertising is yet something we have to learn in order to execute advertising plans that give us our desired results. When done right, Advertising becomes an Investment and not an Expenditure because you will enjoy an ROI when you get the money spent on advertising back with profits.




In this module participants will learn the rules of great Copywriting, and how to write copy that drives engagement and results. Copywriting is a skill that has been practised in the Advertising world for centuries, and there are specific rules and methods to write copy to achieve a given marketing objective. Copywriting is not ordinary writing that many believe it to be. It is special skill that actually determines success or failure in any advertising effort that even all Digital Marketing gurus swear that it is the “key ingredient” in Digital Marketing success, and there are lots of secrets to be discovered in this arena. The lack of Copywriting knowledge is the main reason why so many people have lost millions on Digital Advertising. For an example, both Facebook and Google AdWords advise advertisers to write a variety of Headlines and Copy for every ad we run, and their algorithms will work to show our Target Audiences the ads and copy that is most relevant to them – and this is what makes our cost-per-click low and creates Engagement or Sales – it is all about “Relevance” and good Copywriting to succeed in Digital Advertising.  Copywriting is writing for “Out-Bound Marketing”, such as, Advertising and Promotions.




After we have a fair understanding of how Advertising and Copywriting work, we now can apply these skills and knowledge to develop the Creative Advertisements that our target audience will read and respond. The course shall cover the creation of advertisements from scratch using the appropriate and free design tools available to develop digital advertisements that drive sales or engagement.




Google says that Content Marketing is the best way to rank high on its Search Engine, and as the best Digital Marketing strategy. In this module, participants will learn all the required techniques and knowledge to understand how Content Marketing works, along with what is needed to create great content. It will also allow participants to understand the many digitaL marketing platforms to promote products and services that is relevant to their target audiences. Content Marketing is used for in-bound marketing.




This is something that everybody needs to learn. Content Writing is different from Copywriting, and it is the most effective way to market products and services online organically. Content Writing is to promote products and services for Free, whereas, Copywriting is used for paid advertising. Unlike Social Media advertisements, Content Writing involves our websites and blogs, and other forms of digital media for story-telling. It is a longer form of writing copy and is completely different to Copywriting. Again, there are many rules to Content Writing, and a good understanding of how to write good and relevant content shall be revealed in this Masterclass. Content Writing is writing for “In-Bound Marketing”, such as, Search Ads, Blogging and Website Content.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this special 2-Day Copywriting & Content Marketing Masterclass, participants can be known as “Content Superstars” because, as you have seen here, the subjects covered in this Masterclass can indeed make anyone competent in all the components in Content Creation & Marketing. Participants would have acquired the required knowledge and skills to create any kind of content for online and offline marketing and advertising purposes. Every company shall need at least one to two staff who have this unique skills set that shall be passed down from trainers with more than 25 years of experience in writing and advertising.

Who Is This Course For

This exclusive course is developed by advertising agency professionals in consultation with The School Of Digital Advertising’s panel of practitioner-lecturers to provide learners the required know-how to successfully market and promote products and services through Social Media and Digital Marketing platforms. This course is perfect for:

• Companies & Corporates • Business Owners • E-Commerce Sellers • Entrepreneurs • Marketing Managers • Job-Seekers • School Leavers

Size of Group: Up to 10 Participants

Certification: Certificates Awarded

Course Duration: 8 Hours | Per Day | 10.00 am – 6.00 pm

Level: Beginner to Intermediate



I enjoyed the up-close-and-personal engagement with the trainer

What I liked most about the training is the trainer's knowledge on the topics (Copywriting & Content Writing) and the small group as I enjoyed the up-close-and-personal engagement with the trainer. – Syahnaz

The feedback was specifically for me

I have attended many courses and seminars, this is the first time that I have received feedback from a trainer which was specifically for me and not the whole group because of the one-to-one attention by the trainer. – Faizah (Leap Ed - a Kanaga International Company)

It was a great course…

It was a great course and I wish the length of the course can be lengthened a bit. A lot of the concepts and points just need more time to digest. [The trainer] "unpacked" every concept and explained well about Copywriting & Content Writing. – Faizah (Leap Ed - a Kanaga International Company)

The trainer was friendly and humble in teaching

The trainer did specifically well in the explanation of the subjects. He was also friendly and humble in teaching. – Muhammad


Are your courses suitable for beginners?

Yes. All our courses are suitable for beginners to intermediate levels.

What age groups do you accept?

We are never too young nor too old to learn a new skill. So we accept a wide range of age groups including retirees and pensioners.

Will I need to be able to operate a computer?

Yes. If you know the basic functions of the computer and email, you are eligible.

Is this course HRDF claimable?

Sorry, not yet. We are in the registration process with HRDF.

Is your certificate good for professional use?

Yes, it is. There is a huge demand for digital marketing skills, and employers are constantly looking to hire such talent now.

What's the duration of your courses?

This is a 2-Day Masterclass. Duration: 8 hours from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm. each day.

How shall I pay the fees?

Full fee must be banked into our bank account to confirm your booking/s within 3 days after this Registration Form submission.

How about parking facilities?

Covered parking is available at our building (RM20/day).

Beginner Level

Our courses are suitable for beginners to digital study


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